KYC Incentives

Explore how to tap into KYC incentives

As an identity verification platform, we believe that KYC is an important step to realize a fair and transparent Web3 experience, safeguarding users from identity theft, money laundering or sybil attacks, and ensuring a safe environment for growth.

To incentivize users to exchange their data and add a layer of security to the ecosystem, we will distribute 50% of our block rewards to users who choose to complete their KYC journey with Fractal and opt in to the KYC incentive program. That means that you, as a user, will be rewarded for what is sometimes a mandatory step to join a platform or participate in an event, and then you will be all set to jump on opportunities when they arise.

As a Fractal ID user, you have the opportunity to maximize FCL rewards by opting into our KYC incentives program. KYC incentives are available for users who meet the following criteria:

  • Approved for at least the Basic level of Fractal ID;

  • Provided Fractal with their EVM wallet address.

Once you complete your KYC journey and opted in to the program, your rewards will start accumulating on our end and distributed to your EVM address on a monthly basis -at the end of each month-.

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