For Blockchain Ecosystems

We are building decentralized identity infrastructure for the leading blockchain ecosystems.
As blockchain ecosystems continue to evolve, there is a growing realization that identity has a far more vital role to play. Decentralized identity is being integrated as core blockchain infrastructure component — moving up from the dApp layer to its fundamental infrastructure layer just like explorers, wallets, and oracles.
Ecosystems we already work with

Decentralized Identity Infrastructure Empowers dApps and Users in Web3

Enable both builders and users on your ecosystem the smoothest web3 experience so far.
Everyone benefits
Interested in an on-chain DID Registry that any dApp in your ecosystem can tap into? Authorize transactions by looking up their sender on-chain.
The DID Registry
Prefer a verifiable credentials system so that users can port identity and reputation across dApps? Issuance, attestation and storage of credentials natively in your ecosystem.
The Verifiable Credential System by Fractal ID
Still not happy? Let us present to you the Full DID System. A comprehensive decentralized identity dStorage and access management solution that is fully compliant.