Fractal ID

Having onboarded more than 1 million web3 users for over 200 projects, Fractal ID is the largest web3 identity player.

What is Fractal ID?

Fractal ID is an identity verification platform, ranging from human uniqueness for sybil-resistance to KYC/AML (‘Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) for regulatory compliance. Fractal ID allows businesses to outsource part of their regulatory compliance needs without compromising on transparency and integrity. All sensitive data are encrypted and subject to state-of-the-art security processes.
Identity management is the backbone upon which fair and transparent exchange of web user information is built. Fractal ID leverages blockchain technologies - more specifically the technology of the Fractal Protocol - to provide decentralized identity solutions (DID) enabling secure, selective disclosure.
"Want to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange or open a stock brokerage account? Tap a button to share credentials with the company on the other side, allowing them to verify you without revealing any of the underlying personal information."
"Modern DAOs struggle with providing their users with a fair voting system in which one person has one vote. Fractal guarantees that every participant of the DAO is a unique living person, moving beyond token governance aligned with Vitalik's vision."