The FCL token functions as Fractal Protocol’s native currency. It aims to facilitate the incentive mechanisms embedded in the Protocol.
FCL is a non-inflationary utility token. As such, there are no dividends, ownership rights, envisaged profits, or voting powers conferred by token ownership. The total supply of FCL is capped at 865m and distributed as shown below.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
  • Pre-sale rounds were held in Q3 and Q4, 2020. These raised a total of $2.2m in exchange for 46m FCL tokens. In early rounds, tokens were sold for $0.05 and $0.025 with a six-month lock and 12-month vesting schedule. Later rounds saw the price rise to $0.10 with a six-month vesting schedule.
  • Four million FCL tokens (0.5% of the total) were sold at $0.10 in the community sale on February 25th, 2021, raising $400,000. The raised amount was used to provide DEX liquidity.
  • The Strategic Reserve and Liquidity Treasury holds 125m tokens (14.3%); the majority of these are earmarked for DEX liquidity. A smaller proportion is kept in reserve for onboarding strategic partners and industry players.
  • The founders share 50m FCL tokens, corresponding to 5.8% of the total supply. Founder tokens began vesting six months after DEX listing in accordance with a 50-month vesting schedule.
  • By far the largest token block – 400m or 46.2% of total supply - is reserved for block rewards. These unlock over more than 50 years, following a decreasing inflationary curve that began in October 2021 with the mainnet launch on Polkadot. As of May 2022, we've updated this model to better align with our 2022 strategy, incentivize users to sign up for Fractal ID (KYC), encourage developers to build with our technology, motivate community members to actively share the word about what we’re building, and ensure holders of FCL are rewarded for staking and trusting the growth of Fractal. See FCL Token Incentive Model.
  • One-hundred million tokens (11.6%) are held by Trust Fractal GmbH, the commercial entity developing Fractal and FCL. These will vest over 50 months following a 12-month lock-up period.
  • A total of 140m (16.3%) tokens are reserved for various community funds. Of these, 50m (5.8% of the total) are held in community reserve by Fractal Vault GmbH, a registered non-profit foundation with the aim of fostering Fractal’s cause. These, too, are locked for 12 months and vest over 50 months.
  • The remaining 90m (10.5%) are split into five equal pools, each reflecting a segment of the community. Each of these five pools receives a total of 18m FCL (2.1%), locked for 24 months followed by a 50-month vesting schedule. The five pools are: Advisors, Ambassadors, Developers, Users, and Advertisers.